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The Other Stuff We Make.

Yes, it's true. We don't only make boomerangs and some people have inquired as to the other items that we make in our free time. The following images will show a few of the items we have built. The photo is set of banks made from oak (100 year old barn wood) which feature a mailbox door from Lehigh University. We purchased many of these doors from Lehigh and can make a lot of these banks. These banks have mitered corners, decorative splines and a recessed back.

For our Christmas shows this year we made two very special items. The first is a hardwood Advent Wreath made from cherry. The candle ring it is holding is 12" in diameter and the candles are 12" tall. This will give you some idea of it's size.
Another Christmas item is this Nativity overboard set. An overboard is designed to fit over a doorway (those thick doorways in older houses) but works well on a mantle or windowsill. It is about 38" long and each one featured numerous woods. Some special woods used this year were zebrawood, black limba and mulberry.

Next we have a box made from Curly maple and wenge. It is a low flat dresser box which is especially nice for that man in your life.
This is another taller box made from oak and shedua.
Here we have a variation of the Aztec tone drum made of white ash and sassafrass.
This is mantle clock made from butternut. It also has a barometer and thermometer mounted in it..
These are wonderful little budvases we made in a variety of woods. The three here are from rosewood, tulipwood and mahogany.
This is an oak bookcase that a customer asked us to build. It has simple lines but is very functional.
Finally we have an oak quilt rack. This was a full 42" wide as the customer had a very large quilt to put on it.

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