A boomerang Sonnet
by Bart Lidofsky

I threw a boomerang into the sky,
It looked like it was going far away,
But back to me the boom did turn and fly,
(I must admit it helped a bit to pray...)

It hovered in the air; it seemed to stay
Aloft to drop down to my waiting hands,
I made sure there was no one in my way,
Although my throws had drawn a group of fans.

I wondered if I'd take a little chance,
A trick catch would be an impressive feat.
I prepared myself and got into my stance,
Prepared to fall upon my tender seat.

They saw the trick that I hoped to complete
A soft, short gasp came from the smallish crowd
The 'rang I would soon catch between my feet
A catch, if made, would do me very proud.

But pride's a tricky thing I've often found,
The boomerang did end up on the ground.

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