Vintage Boomerang Poetry

"When a bit of sunshine hits ye,
After passing of a cloud,
When a fit of laughter gits ye,
An' yer spine is feelin' proud,
Don't fergit to up and fling it
At a soul that's feeling blue,
For the minute that ye sling it,
It's a boomerang to you!"

John Wallace Crawford, American poet and frontier scout (1847).

Yet in those days of toil and care
Men felt a fever still within
For something more than daily food.
They flung the boomerang in air,
They cast their nets for fowl or fin,
And fought the monsters of the flood.

Rawnsley, 1894

Or saw you earlier and gentler races,
Of nobler instincts and with paler faces,
Die out before the circling boomerang
And the black serpent's fang?

Sladen, 1883

No more in silent dawns he'll wait
By still lagoons, and mark the flight
Of black swans near: no more elate
Whirl high the boomerang aright.
Sharpe, 1884

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