Of Boomerangs and Circular Arguments
by D.L. Haire
(an avid recreational boomeranger from North Hatley, Quebec)

As I embark upon this doggerel of rhyme
It's doubtless 'rangs have been around - For a very long time...
Aborigines surely harnessed the power - Of their whimsical flight...
Small game were no match - For the whirling stick's bite.
Yet as legends tempt me - To believe what I might...
This latest rumour seems a trifle lax...
Could Icarus have really tossed - A boomerang of wax?
And though one may argue ad infinitum - The boomerang's universal appeal
Folks North/South/East and West - Cannot hide their zeal.
Culture/politics/race - even gender
Should pose no real barriers
'Cause 'rangs fly as grandly - In the air as avian harriers
When propelled from anyone's arm - With touch of magic!
They return to the sender
Like an ill-posted letter
But oh so less tragic!
In fact so much the better!!
And although a boomerang's precession
Won't curb the current recession.
It may open up avenues - For artistic and athletic expression
To allay inter alia - Sedentary depression?
As a passing fascination - Or beloved obsession!
Hearty birds of a different feather
Undeterred by the most inclement weather
With ardour to the 'rangfields they go
In the rain, the sleet, and the snow!
To throw, and throw, and throw...
With apocryphal or real circus-catches
In imaginary or actual-life matches
Oblivious to everything...even sound?
While trying to master the Aussie Round!
Diving outward for 'rangs they bound
Often becoming intimate with the ground!
...'Rang still elusive to the hand...
Through the fingers- as grains of sand
In the baseball vernacular - With this attempt the boomeranger "fanned"!
Intercepting a 'rang's aerial navigation
Though short of a cosmic revelation
Each time's a small victory of sorts...
For an aficionado courts
Every 'rangs unique eccentric tone...
With arcane adjustments- a twilight zone
Harrumph...harrumph - And as this desultory harangue
Now adjourns...
I wish each and every boomerang
...And boomeranger- Many Happy Returns

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