Field of Dreams
by Robert X. Quinn

Most boomchuckers dream of a time,
when they go to a tournament and the weather: sublime.
With the wind blowing ever so slight,
and the clouds cover the sun's bright blinding light.
Well that day just happened to come
on June twenty-second, nineteen ninety-one.
In Amherst Mass. is where you would find
Larry Ruhf's Boomfest was held in Dreamtime.
We should have first become suspicious
when Paul David did something that proved to be auspicious.
During Accuracy his rang scored 48,
this feat alone would have made the tournament great.
But Paul's rangs would have more to say,
as soon as the MTA event got on its way.
Youngblood and Paul tossed their rangs up high.
Both caught a thermal and kissed the sky.
It took Blood's rang 55 seconds to come down
and on any other day, it would have been a winning round.
But it was in Dreamtime that tournament was held.
On this day the American MTA record fell.
Paul's rang seemed to have help from the heavens
with his rang coming down in one minute eleven
During Fast Catch low twenties were being made.
by groups of boomchuckers throwing triblades.
On any other day these scores would have been fine
but this tournament was being held in Dreamtime.
Robby Parkins got pumped and made his boomerang scream,
setting a new world record in fast catch at eighteen sixteen.
During Juggling, rangs fill the heavens
and it was here another record was seriously threatened.
First Allen Grindle got in a groove
and posted a score of one twenty-two.
Then Mole Man's rangs sent him down the field
but one twenty-nine was all he could yield.
So next time you hear of a boomfest in Amherst,
get out your best rangs and come well rehearsed.
Because when the wind becomes still, you just may find,
yourself in a contest being held in Dreamtime.
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