Boomerang Poem #3
By Robert X. Quinn

In 1990 on the first of September,
for those who were there, it's a day they'll remember
The place was Catskill, a boomfest by Bunny Ruhe
and some artist from Palenville, helped with it too.
Throwers came from the north, south, east and west
to see, on that day, who would be best.
They came to see how good they could do,
and maybe get to set a new record or two.
Juggling was the last event of the day.
The sun had just set, people were anxious to get on their way,
The air became still. The wind wasn't there.
Boomerangs flew without a care.
Birds, bats and bugs started flying around.
booms dancing with night creatures, the sky was abound.
But those weren't the only things that were to soar.
Today was the day, the juggling record flew out the door.
Gelly started to cause a sensation.
Yelling Barnaby got 88. We waited in anticipation.
He caught one more, the record was tied.
Then caught two more, Chet's record went bye-bye.
Barnaby caught 91. The record was set,
but John Flynn hadn't finished throwing yet.
No one could imagine, that Barnaby's record would be creamed
by John Flynn Human Boomerang Juggling Machine.
People watched mesmerized, for Flynny hardly had to move.
He epitomized a boomchucker, being in the groove.
110, 120, 130 without a miss,
but it all came to an end at 136.
The people were amazed at what just had been done,
Flynn's 136 and Barnaby's 91.
That day could not have had a better finish,
with two world records being set in just 15 minutes.
When you go to a tournament you hope it's your day.
It must have been Flynny's. He won the tournament by the way.

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