Boom Fest Fun Test
Good Times, Good Fun, Good People
by Tara Whelan, Mole Man & Suzanne Lentz

11 o'clock and Mike went to sleep,
a gun by his side all night he would keep.
Mike kept the door locked with fear just in case
Mole Man showed up and got in his face.
Mole Man and Egghead arrived just in time;
at two in the morning -- we didn't mind.
Tara was sanding, Egghead grabbed the paint;
he sprayed his boom and the deck (just a taint).
With Mike Gel in bed and Steve out cold;
We decided till morning our party would hold.
Asleep at 4, up at 6, to the field by 8
where Jim and Dennis patiently await.
With two paint machines we were really slick
Thanks to Jim and Dennis it went really quick.
Consecutive Catch scores were all quite the same;
no one pulled a 12 but we had fun just the same.
Then we did doubling. It went really smooth.
Jim Jordan scored 12 -- there was nothing we could do.
Accuracy was won by Denny Joyce;
his score of 39 was really choice.
Koehler and Jordan played really tough;
but their scores of 38 just weren't enough.
Tim Maultsby did well in Endurance that day
Cause Sarah cheered on the whole way.
Even though Maultsby did well, we all know
Dennis, Mole and Kavanaugh took win, place and show.
In Aussie Round, Suzanne found that Andre
Haddad and John Koehler were the only
two throwers to score a perfect 20.
Which was as sweet as honey.
In the Fast Catch race,
Denny and Mole went face-to-face.
24, 23, 21, 20, Joyce took the title in the end;
it seemed to be a day-long trend.
During MTA,
we had a break in the day.
A little rain, a little drizzle;
the energy didn't seem to fizzle.
Michael Gel -- 207
Well isn't that swell.
BOOMERANGS was really hip.
Sheila was our waitress -- what a trip.
Suzanne and I couldn't deal;
We just didn't know how to feel.
The day was over, the sun was down;
everyone had lots of fun later we found.
Day two was neato cool.
Jim Youngblood showed up -- we all wanted to drool.
Mole Man was the only one in the know;
he had convinced us that Jim wouldn't show.
Dennis and Kathy were there, Jim and Ola were back;
The thunder went boom and the lightning went crack.
The day was wet;
But we didn't fret.
Out came the plastic --
it was just fantastic.
The three teams -- Zortina, Krelt & Disco Frog -- were set.
Our hair was standing on end, but we didn't sweat it.
George/Cauliflower started off the day;
Team Krelt went all the way.
47 catches for those four;
nobody could beat their score.
Team Whoa Nelly is my favorite by far;
It's Aussie Round without the distance, plus Trick Catch points GALORE.
Disco Frog was a thing of beauty in Team Position;
None of us had a chance against their finesse and precision.
I finally understood what Style Outback was all about;
For the first time there just wasn't any doubt.
To do a skit or a performance of sorts
About an obsession I love that is also a sport.
Team Zortina came in first with a skit about a "plane";
Who would have thought that they had stashed another behind their team mate,
Dennis Joyce's paint machine.
And we ended the day
with FULL CONTACT Round Rang Relay --
Is there anything else we need to say.
Well, Zortina won,
and Disco Frog came in second
With third going to Team Krelt.
But Everyone should have won we felt.
So we had a barbecue --
with trophies for all, plus awards too.
For everyone wins and there are no losers.
There was sunshine in our hearts; which could be felt by the smiles on our faces;
We said our good-byes till we meet again in other places.
Thanks to all -- for you made our tournament a great success;
May your lives be filled with FUN because you are the best.

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