Boomerang Poetry

by Peter "Pay " Rose

yet BOOMERANGS are slow.
From Bell' in to Madonna to Sunshine to Trasfer.
From LTB to Fang to MTA to Beer.

30 throws can make a mile.

On a cold morning BOOMERANGS sting
On a warm afternoon BOOMERANGS make blue-green lines.
On a foggy night BOOMERANGS slice the mist.

BOOMERANGS bring grass stains and mosquitos.

BOOMERANGS hover and float into a "RANG sandwich.
BOOMERANGS shoot in and sploosh into a one-handed clean catch like jelly donuts.

From behind the back to leaping through the legs
to an unassisted head-catch
to a 3-60 exaggerated squinting grasp

From Willard Park in Berkley to the St. Louis Arch
to the Salt Flats of Utah to the costly beach of Chicago.
Four brothers in the wind, a musty Clam Van and
23 non-broken BOOMERANGS.

I drop some wet blades of grass into the wind.
It's just me and the field and a breeze that barely sways 3 trees.

I catch 10 in a row.

3 kids stare and scream and tilt their necks to follow
the circle of the BOOMERANG.

They throw the BOOM and watch it land far away.
They laugh
They smile
They catch some BOOMERANGS and
They leave.
I catch 12 in a row.

A Drunk Bum asks if they really do come back.
I show him that they do.
He slams it at his toe and it splits in 2.
HE leaves.

I catch 23 in a row.

An Orange Dog chases my BOOMERANG wanting to chew on it.
I grab my precious BOOM and tell the dog to go away.
He drools and barks and snorts and
He leaves.

From Chet Snouffer to Doug DuFresne to Mike Gel to Moleman.
From Jop to Jake to Randy to Tritz.
A quick flick of the wrist and right back.

38 catches in a row 1 day
46 the next
100 tomorrow
An orange Bell in with a broken leg cured with epoxy and a blue
Sunshine with 7 holes - hovering shooting screaching spinning and caught.

5 ply quarter inch pine.
28 dollars and 20 BOOMERANGS per sheet.
The wood is flat and shapeless.
If placed in the water it would sink.
If thrown in the air it would flop.

The assembly line is set up.
A jigsaw a circle sander and a belt sander.
One man on each machine.
5 hours and 40 BOOMERANGS.
Each with it's own personality and flight.
Some make quick tight circles and shoot at my hands
Others make huge majestic circles and hover.
All of the BOOMS are smooth and shapely and return with a flick of the wrist.

The contest is over and everyone from 1st to 40th place wins a BOOM.
They look at their BOOMS
They study their BOOMS
They throw their BOOMS

BOOMERANGS are clams
BOOMERANGS are hawks
Watch a BOOMERANG and you'll watch some more..

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