Boomerang Poetry

by Robert X. Quinn

The boomerang is a magical stick
For when it's thrown right, it does a peculiar trick.
First it flies straight, then turns around,
And where I am standing, it falls to the ground.
A spinning stick circling up in the sky
And of its return, people often ask why.
Well it has differential lift and gyroscopic precession
But there's no need to take a science lesson.
There's really little to know to achieve such an end.
Just hold it vertically and toss it right of the wind.
And when you work it right and it comes back your way,
you might become one of those who enjoys throwing all day.
Yes, you might be surprised at the size of the legion
of those who enjoy boomerangs for different reasons.
Some like to make them different shapes and sizes
They paint them real fancy and consider them prizes.
Some study its flight in great academy halls
Some have hundreds, hung from their walls.
Some take their boomerangs on their vacations
Others like to throw them in exotic locations.
Some design them to do different things
like hover for hours or come back with a zing
Some see how far it can go and come back
Others throw for hours, just to relax.
Then there are those who try their best
competing for points at a boomerang contest.
Myself, I like to carve them out of plywood,
paint them multicolors and send them skyward.
Watching splashes of colors sculpt out its space
Joy and satisfaction as it lands in the right place.
I dissect its flight using science and math
but 10,000 years ago, some abo knew nothing of that.
He was making a kylie, probably made a mistake
but once he threw it he said, "Wow - this is great."
From that day on, few things can compare
with the sight of a boomerang as it sails through the air.

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