by D.J. Forest

This looks easy, just throw the boom and it comes back.
Got my boom right off the rack.
Not a scuff, not a scratch, there's no way I'll miss a catch.
Born a boomerang buff, that's me.
My best event will be Accuracy.
Now my wind-up, there's my toss!
It's in the air. Man, this is boss!
What speed, what height as it slices the air.
That 'rang's gonna come back and part my hair.
It cuts, it turns, she's heading this way.
Holy s--t! Today's my day.
But wait, OH NO! It's cutting too far
I can still catch it, I'm still the Boom-Czar.
Just run to the right, a little I'd say,
but it passes me going the other way.
This stick is defective, its design ineffective.
It's possible the salesman was not too selective.
I run to the right, to the left, to the right
OH, forget THIS!
The bottom of the barrel is what my boom bomb can kiss.

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