by Mole Man
for Karen and Jojo

There was a young boy and lonely was he,
he decided to live alone by the sea.
He packed a small bag, some food, and a knife,
and toward the water he headed to start a new life.
He traveled all day and he traveled all night,
and he reached his new home by first morning light.
He gathered some leaves, some sticks, and some wood,
and constructed a home the best that he could.
One thing he knew best and the best thing he knew,
he could whittle a little so whittle he'd do.
He carved dogs, he carved cats, he carved cars, he carved trucks,
he made girls, he made boys, he made fish, he made ducks.
He hoped that his figures would be fun like a toy,
but they sat doing nothing they brought him no joy.
He thought and he wondered what could he create,
that would fill him with fun from early till late.
A Boomerang he thought would be lots of fun,
he could play by himself, he needed no one.
So he started to whittle on a curved piece of wood,
and he tried real, real hard, did the best that he could.
And when he had finished he thought, would it work?
or would it land far away, would he feel like a jerk.
Well he found a big field and he gave it a throw,
it flew round in a circle, came right back, don't you know.
He had so much fun with his toy made of wood,
he would throw it all day every chance that he could.
Well, no one ever has heard from that lost lonely boy,
who changed lonely to joy with his hand-made wood toy.
But I'm sure while he's breathing his life-giving breath,
he'll be throwing his Boom every day till his death..

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