The Boomerang Poetry Page

This page is dedicated to poetry about boomerangs. Many of us who throw or make boomerangs find the it resembles art in a way and have attempted to convey our feelings through another art form. As the midi file that should be playing right now reminds us, it is "Poetry in Motion".

by David Martin
by John Gaston

by Carl Linder
by Moleman
Boomerang Bomber
by D J Forest
The Autumn Wind
by James Marshall Goff
Vintage Boomerang Poems
by 19th century poets
Boomerang Haiku
from the Rang-List
by C. Kelly Kuszner
by Robert X Quinn
by Peter "Pay" Rose
Boomerang rap
by Gunter Moller
Boom Fest Fun Test
Good Times, Good Fun, Good People
by Tara Whelan, Mole Man & Suzanne Lentz
Boomerang Poem #3
By Robert X. Quinn
Another Boom Rap
by Mike Dickson
Field of Dreams
by Robert X. Quinn
Ode to an Indian Summer
By Robert X. Quinn
by Marian J. Darling
Of Boomerangs and Circular Arguments
by D.L. Haire
by Maxwell Leith
Poetic Beauty
X=0, Y=0, Z=0
by Paul D. Sprague
A "Real" Boomerang Poem
by Scott "Neck Catch" Felton
Boomerang Sonnet
by Bart Lidofsky
Throwing the Boomerang
by T.W. Smith

Those of you who want their boomerang poetry added to this site email me BVD'Rangs. I will update the page often if you provide new material.
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