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Travels in Australia

In late December 2004 and into January 2005, Barb and I had the opporunity to travel to Australia. With Stops in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Ayer's Rock, we had the chance to visit with people in the boomerang community who we knew only by reading about or through email. Here are a few photos from the trip.

The first people we met were the Crolls. Bob is a two time world boomerang champion and his family was a delight to visit. Here is a photo of some of Rob's Aboriginal boomerangs

Here is Rob, making a boomerang in his shop.

Rob has this large pile of natural elbows laying in the shop. Someday he may find time to make them all.

While waiting for Santa to show up on the fire truck, we hauled some Air Dancers out of Rob's van and proceeded to toss them in front of the house..

From Rob's place we headed to stay with Morris Maxwell in the beautiful Yarra Valley. Morris had boomerang on the walls everywhere. Here Barb displays a particularly large hook shape one.

Morris then blindfolded me and took me to an undisclosed location to show me this fine collection of boomerangs.

From there it was off to Sydney, we we met up with Tim Lendrum on Boxing Day. Here are Tim and I at the Sydney Sports Complex

While there I got to try a large natural elbow boomerang which Morris gave me.

Tim gave me this beautiful David Martin boomerang shaped like the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Off to see Ayers Rock where I got to make a throw with the Olgas in the distance

We returned to Sydney for a few more days and headed off into the Blue Mountains. While there I met this character who was playing the didjeridoo. I thought he might be my long lost brother, Jimi!

Next we were off Brisbane to Visit with Bob Burwell. Bob arranged us a visit to see Rod Jones. Here Rod is looking at some boomerang I brought along to throw.

Rod doesn't make boomerangs at the moment but does make fishing rods and lures. Here Rod poses with a lot of finished lures. We promised the next time I was in Oz, we would go fishing.

Rod signed, and then gave Barb and I these two boomerangs.

Bob then took us out to the former "Boomerang Farm" and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a photo at Boomerang Road.

Later that day we went to visit Lorin Hawes, author of the book "All About Boomerangs". Having just received a copy of the book from Bob Burwell, I was able to get Lorin to autograph it for me.

The trip would not have been complete without some time to throw boomerangs with Bob. Bob and I barely made some time after a long day playing tourist and before a wonder supper out. Here is Bob letting loose one of his Vipers.

Now it is one thing to toss a Viper, but certainly another if you get to throw one, with the guy who made it, on his "home field". It's amazing how much easier the Viper was to throw there, than when I am home. Must have been ithe "Burwell magic" in the air.

A real thrill for me was to have Bob testing the boomerangs I brought for him. Here he is throwing a snake boomerang I made and painted. This is based one his Adder design, only larger, and has a dot art paint scheme.

Bob had me manning his camera a bit, in an attempt to get some sequence photos of throwing and catching. Here I managed to catch Bob as he positions to make the catch.

Of course you can imagine that I did come home with a few boomerangs made by Bob. The top one is a large traditional, then a Hoop Pine Viper Mate and finally both 5mm and 6mm Hoop Pine versions of the Joey

We also got to visit with Francois Van der Walt, who has a boomerang field in his backyard! Here Francois watches as I throw.

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