Boomerang Song Parodies

OK, so maybe I do have a little too much time on my hands, but it doesn't take much to set my mind in motions, especially when I have words to a song in mind. I am great for singing the wrong words and often don't care what the real ones are. Once I started a parody of the Kingston Trio song about the Charlie and the MTA, which seemed a natural. Now I can't get this one out of my head. Anyone else have this gift? (or problem?) Send your parody to us for inclusion on the page.

Leaving on the Jet Stream
Tune "Leaving on a Jet Plane"

Oh, my bag is packed, I'm ready to throw,
The fields are dry, I just have to go,
I've got to get some booms up in the sky.

Now I'm at the field, and open my pack
Make a couple throws and they come right back,
I grab my MTA and let it fly.

It's leaving, on the jet stream,
Don't know where it will next be seen,
Looks like that's one I kiss goodbye!
Yes, the gods that rule the jet stream,
Thought my MTA was pretty keen,
And now another one I must buy.

I've got an Abo Steve, and a Peter Ruhf,
But my Ola Snake is on a factory roof ,
When it landed there, I nearly cried.
Now that Jonas stick, is one whale of a boom,
But my field is small, I need much more room,
If I lose it, I know I'll die.

There's a Maxi boom, from a guy named Ted,
And I watch it soar, circling o'er my head,
And all of those who stop, exclaim "Oh, My!".

But I pushed my luck, gave it one last throw,
Threw it high and straight, how was I to know?
It would fly away and I don't quite know why?

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