Boomerang Song Parodies

Like that last one? Well here's another. This one should be easy and is sung to the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies". Any similarities to Fred Malmberg, Gary Broadbent, Ted Bailey and the USBA are more than coincidental and should be taken in the spirit they were written. This is supposed o be fun!

"The Boomerang Hillbillies"
"The Ballad of Fred Clamp-it"

Let me tell you all a story about a man named Fred,
Couldn't sell a boom for to keep his family fed.
Headed to the woods and he cut himself a tree,
And made himself a boomerang, maybe two or three.
Hardwood, lap joints, figured stock……..

Fred gave the booms a look and exclaimed that they were swell,
So he took the booms to market, just to see if they would sell.
And he ended at a contest by held by the USBA,
And he put them in the auction, to see what Gary B. would pay.
Collector, spending bucks, many booms……….

Gary saw the booms that Fred had made and said "Those booms are mine".
Don't even bid against me, it just isn't worth your time.
Even though the others bid and bid, he won out in the end.
He just gathered up the boomerangs, his checkbook, and a pen.
All mine, just for me, big collection…….

Even though Fred sold his boomerangs, he's not a millionaire.
Seems he should have read the auction rules upon arriving there.
All the money that is raised promotes our wondrous sport you see.
And we always raise more money, when we get the booms for free!