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Alberto Sabal

It is my great pleasure to present to you a gallery of boomerangs made by my good friend, Alberto Sabal in Mar del Plata, Argentina. That's Alberto in the photos above. In the photo to the left he is hold a design he calls the Snake, which is about 23" wide. The photo on the right has Alberto "wearing" his Anaconda design, but unlike his plywood versions, this one is strip laminated construction. Alberto is a really funny guy who is a fantastic artist. His technique is very similar to the dot art used by Australian Aboriginies. In the photos below, there are many of Alberto's Anaconda design. They are 20.5" wide and made from a plywood that Alberto has made especially for him. The plywood uses a mix of Guatambú and Cedrillo. Both are considered semi-hard woods.These are native woods from the Chaco zone which is partially in Paraguay, Argentina, Brasil and Bolivia.

Alberto, along with actress Jessica, on scene for filming of a Latin American Coca Cola Zero commercial. You can view the commercial HERE Alberto supplied the boomerangs for the commercial and also served as technical advisor.

As you can see from the photos below, Alberto takes a back seat to no one when he paints boomerangs. Each one of his boomerangs are an individual work of art. Although some may look similar, each one is uniquely different. I am sure that most people will hang these some place special but they are beautiful in flight too. I have made duplicates of the Anaconda and several other designs by Alberto. All are fine performers. They all seem to have a slow, lumbering rotation which is exciting to watch. I should point out that I am not always brave enough to catch mine. There is something about 20 plus inches of spinning plywood that causes me to hesitate sticking my hands out.

Additional photos of Alberto's work can be found at: Alberto's Webshots Album

Left hand Yellow Lizard, Dave Hughes collection

Here are some comments from Dave Hughes about this boomerang: "I have one of these boomerangs, and can attest to the stunning artwork on them. Very, very detailed and meticulously applied. Alberto is what I'd call a true boomerang artist. The plywood, as Dave alluded to, is also very unique. I've never thrown mine, for fear of damaging the art, but I have seen one fly, and it flies beautifully."

Brown double lizard, made for Texas long distance tourney prize.Ace Armstrong collection

Ace with his pick from the prize table: A beautiful "Anaconda" boomerang by Alberto Sabal.

Blue Anaconda, Dot art design at elbow.

Black Anaconda with two wing tips painted.Gary Broadbent collection

Black Lizard design, Vince Hendricks collection

Brown double lizard, Dave Hendricks collection.

I must confess that I have used this one pretty hard and it has it's share of scuffs. It took a little time to get used to the fact that a boom that big did not require a hard throw.

Turtle design, Dave Hendricks collection.

I fell in love with this one at first sight. Not only is the turtle design nice, but the hundreds of dots applied in the background are stunning.

Natural finish cat design, Dave Hendricks collection.

Natural finish boomerangs, Dave Hendricks collection.

Here are three of Alberto's boomerangs. The top one is the Cruiser, which he makes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. I have one that measures about 15-1/2 inches wide, but is only about 2.5mm thick. It is a bit floppy but when thrown from the dingle arm with not much power, it has a wonderful flight. It is uncanny how well it works. The thinner version is known as the Ghost or in Spanish " Phantasma". Below that is an un-named hook he sent me. The rather tiny vee shape at the bottom is a boomerang Alberto calls "Size Doesn't Matter". It is a mere 6-1/2 inches wide.

"Size Doesn't Matter", two additional versions.

A little more about Alberto: He is very active promoting boomerangs in Argentina and has taken a special interest in spreading information to the Spanish speaking boomerang community through his Yahoo group "vaivoo". Interested parties can subscribe to the group at:
Alberto is also an experienced kiter and also a representive in a craft guild.

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