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I have been making hardwood boomerangs using lapped construction since 1996 and have not only sold quite a few, but have won awards in craftsmanship contests with some. Unfortunately sales for these boomerangs have been down. The production of them requires lots of extra work and each one of these becomes a one of a kind boomerang. That makes these boomerangs more expensive than plywood or plastic ones, and many people are not willing to pay that extra cost. Because of failing health, I am currently not making any more of these. What are listed here are my final efforts and are one of a kind.Getb them while you still can! Clicking on the small image will take you to a larger one.

Dave Hendricks

A word of caution, although these boomerangs are meant to be used, the amount of time put into them and the materials used warrant a little common sense. One of my customers once commented that using one of these was like throwing fine furniture. I do not recommend these as a starter boomerang. There is usually a certain amount of learning curve associated with throwing a boomerang. I would not want to see you, the customer, bang up a particularly nice boomerang during that process. I suggest trying one of our plywood models first.

This boomerang is a smaller vee shaped boomerang made from Maple. It is faily easy to throw. Sold!

This boomeraang is a shape designed by my son, Vince. He calls it the Swallowtail. It is made in Maple and Cherry. It is light and easy to throw. Sold!

This is an example of a Rusty Harding style Concept 90 boomerang. It has a 90 degree angle and is made by overlapping two pieces of walnut with dowels reinforcing the elbow joint. Sold!

This is a rather unusual shaped boomerang is made in the shape of the letter "Pi". The boomerang is made from walnut and sycamore with an over lapped construction. Sold!

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