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Dave Hughes

It is my great pleasure to present to you a gallery of boomerangs made by my good friend, Dave Hughes of Austin, Texas. That's Dave in the photos above. The photos were taken at the 2003 USBA National Boomerang Expo in Houston, TX. Dave was instrumental in bringing the Expo to Houston and served as the host. Dave has been making boomerangs for many years. He was supplying boomerangs to Rich Harrison, the Boomerang Man, under the name of 'Rangslinger from Texas'. I asked Dave about that time period and he provided me with the following information.

"Back in about 1986, after I had been making booms for a year or so, I got to looking at the booms I'd gotten from the Boomerang Man (Stick Around, Wyche Hook, etc.), and decided that I could make booms of that quality. So I developed a few shapes and sent Rich some samples. He apparently liked what he saw, and from that time for about 2-1/2 years, I think, I sold four or five models thru him. I called myself the 'Rangslinger from Texas' and gave my booms 'Texas-appropriate' names, like 'Rangler, Sidewinder, and Buzzard. Then it got to the point where all my free time was spent making booms, and none of it spent throwing booms. That's when I decided to stop making them for sale! I had not seen one boomerang I had sold to anyone for many years, until the USBA Expo in 2003 (Houston), when Rich pulled out an old 'Galaxis' model I'd made, a space-black boomerang with airbrushed stars and comets. He'd kept that particular one for all these years because he thought it was the best-looking one I'd sent him. Then Mark Weary walked up, saw it, and said he had one of those. He was very surprised to find out that I'd made it almost 20 years ago."

As you can see from the photos below, Dave's craftsmanship is quite extrodinary. He is meticulous about his work and the finish is always top notch. You'll also see that most of these are for the left hand thrower, as many are Dave's personal boomerangs.

These are some of the earliest boomerangs Dave made and still owns. The boomerang at the top is the only lapjoint boomerang Dave has ever made.

These are some boomerangs Dave made in the 90's.

I asked Dave about the two at the bottom which I thought looked very nice. Dave responded with this story: "Those were made from a letter-tray someone was throwing out where I worked, believe it or not. The trays were made of what looks like 3mm Birch 'bending plywood', with Walnut veneer on both sides. They were standard letter-tray size, the sides of which were bent upward about 1-1/2" X 45 degrees, with a solid block of Walnut at the closed end of the tray. There was just enough flat material in the tray to make those two small booms, both of which fly nicely.

These are some recent phenolic boomerangs Dave has crafted.

There are two things you will notice from the photo. One, that Dave may use some understated paint schemes, but the finish is quite exceptional. Two: Dave has a very interesting "flame" paint scheme he occasionally uses.

Here are some current competition booms he has crafted including Long Distance, MTA and Doublers, all in lefthand..

This is just a hodgepodge of boomerangs, some with a definite Texas influence

Most of the boomerangs that follow were made by Dave for other people. Dave doesn't sell boomerangs but has made some as gifts and to trade with other boomerang makers. Here is a right hand Texas Skeeter, Dave Hendricks collection

Right hand Hook with Christian symbols, Dave Hendricks collection.

This was the first boomerang I got from Dave and remains a special one.

RH Vorlon, Dave Hendricks collection.

This boomerang was designed by Don Monroe and made by Dave from a photo. It is an incredible performer for me.

Right hand Swish, an extended range boomerang, Dave Hendricks collection.

A selection of phenolic boomerangs, painted and unpainted, made for Sam Bevilacqua.

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