Guest Boomsmith
Dante Marello

In my correspondence with other boomerang enthusiasts I sometimes find a boomsmith whose work strikes me in a way that I want to share it with others in the boomerang world. This is the case with my newest guest boomsmith, Dante Marello from Buenos Aires, Argentina. As you will see in the following photographs, Dante has a very artistic approach to painting his boomerangs. I sometimes think they belong in an art gallery, but we are lucky enough that he makes these to fly and return. The boomerangs in the photos are made from either Pertinax or from MDF. I was surprised to find MDF being used for boomerangs but now that I have one, I see that it works fine. I am a bit concerned about the durability of the material, but I guess you use what materials are available where you live.

Dante is interested in almost anything that flies. He makes lightweight airplane gliders and flies kites. I'll include some glider photos below but in the meantime, check out the artwork on the boomerangs below.

Cuadrado in MDF

Another Cuadrado in MDF

Distance E in MDF

Glug in MDF

Logic in MDF

Spin Precis in MDF

Stormy in MDF

Atlas 3 in Pertinax

Logic in Pertinax

The top boom is an Atlas, then a Logic, both in Pertinax, and finally a Short Fly made from MDF. Dave Hendricks collection

Here is Dante with his Aguila glider and a photo of his Tigre glider.

Dante does actually throw and catch his boomerangs, as you can see below.

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