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This site was originally set up as BVD'Rangs. I have recently begun to sell boomerangs using my name only. Click on the link to the catalog for what I currently sell: BoomerangDave's Catalog.

But this site is much more than that. In it you will find information on making boomerangs, places to learn more about boomerangs, ways to contact other people interested in boomerangs, information on Australian Aboriginal culture and the Dreamtime, and even some information that is not related to boomerangs at all. Enjoy your visit!

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Those of you near Allentown, PA or the Lehigh Valley area may want to check out what's happening with the local boomerang group there. Visit them at: the Lehigh Valley Woodchuckers

The website for the LV Woodworkers and the PA Dutch LD Boomerang Team can be found at: the Lehigh Valley Woodchuckers

For video tips and tricks about throwing boomerangs, check out our Boomerang Video Page

For more about what I am doing with boomerangs, check out my boomerang blog at: Boomerang Dave's Blog

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